Partner of your HR department

From recruitment to advice and tailored assistance

We are at home in the HR domain with respect to high-quality recruiting and expert advisory services. Our experts ensure that your personnel department is given a boost. Finally, it is the bridge between management and staff, and this must be properly supported. 

Working with people with all kinds of jobs

If you work in HR, you are passionate and interested in the people and their jobs within organisations. On all kinds of fronts. For example, administrative staff, HR managers, specialised recruiters, or general payroll staff. There are a large variety of HR jobs and yet each profile must share roughly the same capacities… flexibility, amiability, and an insatiable appetite for learning. 

Why use Select to search for HR professionals?

Select has in-house specialists who focus on recruiting HR profiles. These are usually hard to find because they often want to work independently. In addition, there is a large variety of HR profiles, which increases the complexity of the search. Select searches for the perfect match and is meticulous in the selection process.

Our experts know what qualifies an HR profile and they take a specific approach. Finally, Select HR professionals, in turn, know that the candidate knows all the ins and outs of the application process. 

More than recruiting HR profiles

Select engages its expertise to give your staff department a boost. And not just because of competent recruiting skills, but also based on expert support at the individual and organisational levels. We provide focused advice and will engage an expert at your location, if needed. 

Expert advice and coaching

Select goes one step beyond. We want the motor that drives your company to continue running. To this end, we give expert advice. Our corporate career coaches make a thorough analysis of your company and provide focused solutions that will make your HR department more efficient. We work with you on drawing up an HR strategy and answer all of your questions. Our experts also coach your staff so that they can fully develop their talents. 

An expert on site 

In addition to expert advice and coaching, we can also engage one of our experts at your location. Our consultants will then implement the solution at your office. Your staff learn from the best and our experts shine a light on the work in your HR department. For example, you can count on an extra HR professional when there is a sudden shortage of staff due to a long-term absence. This allows your HR policy to continue full steam ahead. 

Check our HR vacancies

A passion for people and business? Take a look at our current vacancies. Want to deploy your passion for HR with Select? Take a look at our internal vacancies..