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Select proactively searches for technical staff

Where other recruitment agencies turn their back on technical profiles, our experts accept technical engineer with open arms. The industrial sector – with its shortage of loyal employees – requires a unique approach. Select offers such an approach. We take a people-first approach and our experts select the ideal candidates and provide companies with expert HR advice.

No piece of machinery is identical

There is a shortage of good profiles in the engineering sector. Few technical engineers graduate and those that do already have a job. And, they are comfortable staying with their employer. This impacts the engineering sector and, more specifically, the HR aspect. Select is ready to engage its expertise to provide your company with qualified technical engineers and the appropriate HR support.

A technical engineer is never just a technical engineer. There are a large variety of fields within the sector. No piece of equipment is exactly the same and this also applies to technical job vacancies. And for the operators, just like the machines, it is important that each part is attuned to each other. Our consultants ensure that everything is pointed in the right direction so that the end product is of an even higher quality.

Why choose Select?

People first

Select always starts from the human perspective. Our technical experts also recruit and support the engineering sector using a people-first approach. In practical terms, it means we carry out a warm selection interview and provide personalised coaching.

Expert knowledge

Our experts have many years of experience in HR and have a huge affinity for technical and industrial companies. They are well acquainted with the systems, work methods, and speak the technical engineer’s language. This is why they are able to provide focused support.

The highest quality

Select does everything possible to provide high-quality based on its passion for HR. And, we do so with respect to recruiting and providing HR advice. We screen potential candidates as well as carry out in-depth analyses of the employees.

Recruiting from the human perspective

People come first in our recruiting services. Our experts take the time to discover and check the qualities of each candidate according to unambiguous criteria that is standard in the engineering sector. Our experts are well acquainted with the work methods, systems, and concepts. This enables them to be critical during the selection process. Our experts know they have the right person when they see the passion for engineering reflected in the eyes of the candidate. Critical questions and proper follow up enables Select to provide the highest quality to technical engineering companies.

A dedicated partner that goes beyond recruiting

A prospering organisation supports its staff by doing more than just hiring new manpower. Select goes beyond traditional recruitment. We listen to your needs and requirements and work with you to find a solution. We provide expert, tailored advice and implement it in your company culture. This is how our experts support technical engineering companies at the organisational level. You can also count on our expertise at the level of the individual. We offer coaching so your technical staff can develop their talents. Because a technical engineer must be able to do more than just work hard. 

A full-service technical partner

People are key in all of your projects

A technically challenging project? Do you need a temporary boost to your technical engineering expertise? Our subsidiary Select Projects is a full-service technical partner in project sourcing. 

Check our vacancies for technical jobs

A passion for technology? Take a look at our current vacancies. 

Do you need advice? You are welcome to contact one of our experts.

Jef NemsdaelLead Consultant Technics