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Specific approach for specific profiles

Technology continues to change and IT staff have become indispensable. This bottleneck profession requires a very focused approach. Select has in-house experts that will find IT staff for you. Thanks to our focused and specialised approach, we are able to provide broader support after recruitment… from coaching of soft skills to outplacement counselling. And this is tailored to your IT staff’s needs. 

Technology does not stand still

IT staff require training

In recent years, the IT sector has changed extensively. First of all, we can no longer do without technology. For example, just think about what your job would be like without the internet, e-mail, or computer. Or, would your job no longer exist? IT staff today are not only indispensable for keeping a company running, they also have to collaborate on innovation. ‘We are in the midst of a digital transformation’, companies say. Yet, they often do not know what this means. IT staff collaborate on the business side and thus must also have decent communication and creative skills.

Technology changes so rapidly today that training is constantly required. An IT employee’s knowledge at the time of graduation is out of date in a fairly short period of time. This is why they look for employers that can provide them with the right tools to continue to learn. To this end, companies prefer an IT employee with enough experience, someone that keeps up with the trends in their specialism. 

Experts that speak their language

IT staff are prized and it has been a bottleneck profession for years. Sending an impersonal e-mail with a job vacancy to all IT employees in the Ghent region will not get results. IT recruiter Johan works in communities of .NET developers and networks to be close to the candidates. This personal approach is shared by Select’s newest partner iStorm, a recruiting office specialised in IT recruiting. Our experts are comfortable in the candidate’s environment and speak their language. IT staff are not usually the best salespeople, so some coaching is also a part of the application procedure. 

More than recruitment

Select is a full HR partner. By this, we mean that we do more than just recruitment. You can count on us for focused and expert advice on building on an efficient HR policy. And, you can count on Select’s experts for outplacement assistance and coaching tailored to your staff. You can read below how our IT recruiter discretely handles the outplacement file for an IT employee. 

iStorm: a specialised approach

At the beginning of 2018, iStorm became a part of the Select group. The specialised IT recruiting agency was founded in 2010 and takes a unique approach. Each consultant handles a particular technology so that specific candidates can be sought in a focused manner. iStorm speaks the language of IT staff and approaches candidates in a warm and personal manner. Which is exactly why they fit perfectly in our group. Thanks to the acquisition, the client databases of both companies have expanded, iStorm now has a larger back office, and Select is able to offer a more specialised service.

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