HR service provider from hospital to residential care centre

People come first at Select Medical.

At Select HR, we believe there is good in everyone and we want to tap all of their potential. We help people find their way to a pleasant future, which is exactly what the health care sector stands for. So, it’s only logical that Select HR launched a separate Business Unit to fully focus on the needs of the healthcare sector. 

What does Select Medical do?

People for people

Select Medical provides first-rate quality in hospitals and residential care centres because… who does not want the very best care that can be provided? From healthcare professionals to the senior nurse, the work is always customised in order to guarantee quality everywhere. 

Select is a full partner in HR. This means that our experts offer assistance throughout the entire career. They discover talent and help to develop it further.
In brief, what we do:

  1. Assist staff in finding their jobs in the health care sector.
  2. Staff policy support.
  3. Assist dismissed staff in getting back into the labour market. 

1. Assist staff in finding their jobs in the health care sector.

Staff are the foundation of every profitable company. So, first-rate recruiting is of utmost importance. Select Medical supplements Select’s expertise in finding the right candidates in the health care sector. We do so for all types of profiles with different employment contracts:

  • Recruitment and selection: Select Medical searches for the right candidate for immediately hire.
  • Temporary employees: temporary labour with the possibility of ultimately hiring your temporary employee.
  • Project sourcing: engage additional expertise for a temporary project by using project sourcing.
  • Executive search: our executive search experts use discrete modern sourcing techniques to find executive profiles.
  • International recruitment: the solution for a shortage of nursing staff. Select will find the best candidates abroad and assist them in starting a job here in Belgium.

2. Staff policy support

Select Medical does more than recruiting and assisting companies. After selecting an employee, we can also help you build further on your staff policy including in the health care sector. Some of our services:

  • Assessment and development centres: Our experts assess your candidate’s potential so you can be sure of a good match. After selecting an employee, you can identify competencies and talents using development centres.
  • Training, education, and coaching: Supporting an employee after they have been hired is essential for building a long-term relationship. Development centre results are the first step in personal growth in Select’s coaching. 
  • Career and reintegration assistance: Questions about your career or after you have recovered from a burnout? We are an accredited career centre and our certified coaches can assist your staff on their way.

3. Assist dismissed staff in getting back in the labour market

Entering into a professional collaboration is great for your employer brand. You can count on Select Medical to help. Offer your staff Select’s outplacement assistance and you can count on:

  • Extensive assistance focused on both the emotional and professional aspects.
  • Provided by experienced consultants. 
  • Expertise on the labour market and the possibilities it offers. 
  • Making the path to start work again accessible.

Do you need advice? You are welcome to contact one of our experts.

William de MarbaixDirector Medical