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A wide variety of profiles with the person foremost

Office and Sales has a wide variety of similar profiles. Our experts fully comprehend the difference between administrative staff and sales managers. Our consultants know what should be listed in each profile thanks to their smooth collaboration and expertise so that the motor that drives your company continues to run. 

Versatile profiles

From marketing to accounting, every profile is important

In recent years, office and sales profiles have evolved further towards an arsenal of complex jobs. For example, administrative staff are acquainted with MS Office and IT systems. They take on more responsibilities and make use of their language skills. An Office, Sales, or Marketing profile is not described in a few sentences. The competencies have changed and the playing field of administrative staff has grown.

A good HR policy is a must for Sales and Office profiles. Allow one of our experts assist you in finding the right talent and provide the most current and best support. 

Why choose Select?

Select has a lot of Sales and Office expertise in-house. They know better than anyone how they can help you. This is because they have a people-centred approach, collaborate closely, and are experts. 

People first 

At Select, people are key. That is why our consultants take the time to thoroughly evaluate the job vacancy and listen carefully to what the candidate is looking for. The person behind the Sales and Office profile is just as important as their competencies. 

Perfect match 

There is a great variety of jobs within Sales and Office. Our experts work collaborate closely to ensure that not a single candidate is lost. A smooth exchange ensures that we quickly match the right combination of competencies with the job vacancies. 

In-depth screening 

With years of experience, our experts know what Office and Sales profiles should be able to achieve. They take a personal approach and carry out in-depth screenings of candidates. This ensures you do not receive ten average CVs in your inbox, but three good ones. 

More than just recruitment

Select does more than just recruiting. Select continues to support you even after our experts have found the right talent for you. Our consultants and coaching are accessible for HR advice related to motivation, soft skills, coaching, and so on. Sales and Office profiles can also come to Select for career guidance and outplacement. 
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