Article Made in Antwerpen - Edith Vervliet

    The number of news reports on burnout, long-term stress and long-term absenteeism is staggering. The abundance of information often makes it difficult for employers to see the wood for the trees.

    That is why Select HR, a total provider of HR solutions with its roots in Antwerp, recently organised a series of breakfast sessions on this topic. Neuropsychologist Michael Portzky, who was also a guest on the Van Gils and Guests talk show on 21 June on één, and Serge Simonet talked about the causes and effects of chronic stress. Legal experts from Group S explained the legal implications, obligations and rights involved in long-term absences, while Sylvie De Strooper and Nathalie Naveaux from Select HR talked about stress management. This gave participants a comprehensive overview of the situation, from prevention to follow-up.

  • Burnout: glass half full or half empty?

    Burnout: glass half full or half empty?

    Burnouts are a growing social and human problem. More than 120,000 people have been home for more than a year, many of them with a burnout. That ever-increasing quantity might make us forget the seriousness of these people's suffering. The immense fatigue, the heavily emotional aspect, the cognitive and physical consequences... we don't wish a burnout on anyone.  But is there a positive side to this serious question? According to Serge Simonet there is. As Senior Manager, Organisational Consultant and founder of Human Pathways, Serge knows the material inside out. He also knows it first hand. Several years ago - in 2002 to be precise - Serge experienced a burnout that he overcame successfully. 

  • Candidats from Bruges testify

    Candidats from Bruges testify

    With a team of 3 people, our Bruges office is not our largest. But the principle of quality over quantity applies here. Micheline, Ciska and Gwen are always warm and personal in their treatment of candidates. Together, they can count many years of experience in the recruitment, outplacement, HR consultancy and temorary employment. This plus their drive and passion allows them to provide a tailored approach for each and every client and candidate. We believe this is essential when it comes to HR.

    Here, a few of the candidates tell us how the Bruges team made all the difference:

  • The benefit of Assessments: our customers explain

    The benefit of Assessments: our customers explain

    Recruiting a new colleague, placing an internal colleague in a new position... There is always an investment involved where career steps are concerned. For employees themselves this can often involve a great deal more time in training. For companies, the cost can reach as high as 50,000 EUROs. So, needless to say, it is very important to put the right person in the right position. And that is what you can be sure of when using an Assessment. By doing so, the (candidate’s) competencies are tested to find a relevant match in terms of values and standards, or perhaps a totally different set of competencies. Some of our customers talk about their experiences using these Assessments at Select HR.

  • Article Made in West-Vlaanderen: Select HR reveals trends in Outplacement assistance

    Article Made in West-Vlaanderen: Select HR reveals trends in Outplacement assistance

    Article by Karel Cambien - 5/06/2017

    Select HR is a Belgian HR player and a specialist in burn-out and outplacement, and claims to share an important objective with the trade unions. That being to assist and support individuals in their professional career. This is why Select HR recently organised a round-table discussion with the trade unions in West Flanders. The purpose was to highlight trends and the right approach in the case of burn-out and outplacement assistance. After sharing their experiences, everybody agreed that companies are well-aware of the risk of stress at work and the role that companies can play. 

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