Your rights

What are my rights when applying for a job?

It’s not always clear what your rights are, when applying for a job. Below we answer some of the most asked questions.

Do I have to answer personal questions?

No; you are not required to answer. Legally, the interviewer can not ask personal questions. However, what defines ‘personal’ is not always clear. You should decide how far you want to go in an interview, and which questions you want to answer. However, this could have an influence on the interview!

Can an interviewer look me up on facebook?

No; legally speaking your personal life can not influence the application process. An interviewer can not use information he or she has found on facebook. However, it is almost impossible to prove this information has been used in the process, so use common sense when posting on social media. Don’t post information that could damage your reputation.

Can I demand feedback after the application process?

Yes: after the interview you can ask for your file and extra information. The interviewer is required by law to give this. However, he is not required to give extra information besides what was mentioned in your file.

Can an employer refuse my application?
Yes: every employer is free to choose their employees. The only requirement is that the process happens in an objective, respectful and non-discriminating fashion. Every candidate should have the same chance of getting hired.

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  • Be on time

    Be on time

    Make sure you are always on time! This way you can avoid stress and you don’t make a bad impression. If you happen to be late, always contact your interviewer about your situation.

  • Prepare


    Before you go to the interview, remember to research a bit. Do some research on the company, it’s history and it’s work. Make sure you know the name of the person who will be interviewing you.

  • Be relaxed

    Be relaxed

    Stay relaxed. The interviewer is interested in what you have to say. Pay attention to your body language. Try to hide any nervosity and don’t play with your hair, pens or other things. Make eyecontact and show interest!

  • Answer clearly

    Answer clearly

    Always answer loud and clear. Try to answer in a way that doesn’t confuse the interviewer. Show interest and enthousiasm.

  • Ask questions

    Ask questions

    Remember you can ask questions too! If you want to know more about the job description, the company, the process or anything else, don’t be afraid to ask!