Projectsourcing: set your mind at ease!

Published on: 10 February 2017

Are you looking for professional specialists for a temporary project? Then Projectsourcing is an attractive option.

Projectsourcing is not the same as temporary employment. Because when using Projectsourcing, you’re not hiring people or employees. You’re buying expertise. Although that expertise does come as an external crew of employees that will be active in your company. And if the federal social inspection comes by? (Which happens more and more often nowadays.)Then don’t take the risk of the Projectsourcing being qualified as invalid. Because that can lead to fines for your company, not to mention the damage to your image.


Set your mind at ease by working with a professional Projectsourcing agency. That will ensure you of:
  • a contract that is drafted correctly – Because a professional agency knows the model clauses that have been submitted to the federal social inspection perfectly.
  • a correct execution of that contract – Because a professional agency knows what is and what is not allowed within the boundaries of project management.
  • a single point of contact for all issues, the day to day functioning, in other words everything that concerns the project. Because legally you do not have any employer authority over the members of the project team.

But how can you know beforehand if you are dealing with a professional Projectsourcing agency? Federgon has created a quality label for agencies that meet all of the necessary conditions after verification in an external audit. You can find their list of certified members here.

Federgon, as the federation of HR service providers, is a neutral party that protects the interests of clients, the service providers themselves and their employees (the members of your project team).

We have therefor asked Ann Cattelain, the director of Federgon’s legal department, what the pitfalls are – and how to avoid them. Can a professional partner in Projectsourcing offer you legal security?

“First and foremost, it is important to work with a correct contract. That is why professional Projectsourcing agencies use the model clauses that Federgon has discussed with the federal social inspection. Aside from that the reality in the day-to-day functioning must correspond with the descriptions in the contract. Federgon’s members have been provided with a list of do’s and don’ts to live by to make sure this is the case.

And finally, the advantage of working with a professional partner in Projectsourcing is that you have a single point of contact (SPOC) with whom all issues and remarks with regards to the execution can be discussed. This SPOC will resolve any issue for you and manage the external project employees for you.”


In short, Projectsourcing is a good and legally secure way to appeal temporarily to supplementary knowhow for clearly defined projects.

Do you prefer engaging somebody who can become an employee in full in your company over whom you do have employer authority? In that case the contract for temporary employment of an undefined duration may offer a solution soon. A bill has been proposed to include this in our legislation. And if that bill passes, an agency which is certified for Projectsourcing and which has a license for temporary employment will offer you a service that is even more tailor made.

At Select HR, we can assist you both in Projectsourcing, thanks to our sister company Select Projects, and in temporary employment. And we always deliver a tailor made service.

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