Our specialists… at home in your sector

Recruitment, HR, and employability solutions

Select HR provides specialists and expertise in the following sectors: 
The industrial sector, with its shortage and loyal employees, requires a distinctive approach and that is just what Select HR offers. With people first, our experts select the right candidates.
Sales & Office
Office & Sales covers a wide range of similar profiles. Our experts know their way around administrative clerks and sales managers. Thanks to their smooth cooperation and expertise, they know what each profile needs so that the engine of your company can keep running.
Human Resources
Within human resources, we feel at home. Both through quality recruiting and expert advice, our experts ensure that your human resources department gets a boost. After all, it is the key between management and staff and that needs to be adequately supported.
Investment advisor, customer advisor, director-director, commercial advisor, insurance specialist ... for a whole range of financial profiles you can turn to our experts Finance. The consultants at Select HR know the market and know what financial profiles are looking for. They often have experience within the sector themselves.
Select HR is also active in logistics. Whether large players or smaller transport companies, we find the right employee for you. From warehouse worker, to planner or logistics team leader.
Select Medical
Select Medical ensures top quality in hospitals and care centres, because who doesn't want to be treated with the best care? From caregiver to head nurse, tailor-made work is done to ensure quality in all areas.