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Career guidance by experienced coaches

Having doubts about your career? Want to make a career switch? Chase your dream job? Or you need to look for a new job but do not know what you want? Then contact Select HR, a recognised career centre. Our experienced coaches are ready to guide you through your career issues so that you can once again find pleasure in your career.

Questions about your career?

Are you no longer enjoying your work? Is the balance between your professional and private life disturbed? Are you dreaming of a career change but don't dare to take the plunge? Or perhaps you are satisfied with your current working environment, but would like help with a specific challenge such as giving a presentation or preparing for a job interview? Make the most of your career with the help of Select HR.

In Flanders VDAB offers you a reduced rate for career guidance. More information on the VDAB website.

Discrete custom approach

As an accredited career centre, we can answer all your questions about your career. Our coaches will be happy to meet with you to clear up any doubts and make the right decisions. Every person, and therefore every career, is different, which is why Select HR always provides tailor-made solutions.

Our coaches take the time to analyse the possibilities in all discretion, taking into account your skills and motivation. Thanks to the recruitment and selection anchor, they can direct you to the appropriate job offers by means of networking.

VDAB career cheques

VDAB, the Flemish Employment and Training Service, has approved Select HR as a career guidance centre. Select’s career guidance can be paid for using the career cheques. You buy these via VDAB. A cheque costs 40 euro and entitles you to four hours of guidance with a value of 550 euro. You can request a maximum of two cheques and this provides you with eight hours of guidance every six years. You can find more info at the VDAB website. Separate career guidance is available for athletes: www.sport.vlaanderen/loopbaanbegeleiding

Want to give your career a boost? If so, send an e-mail to: loopbaanbegeleiding@selecthr.be


Your challenge
Do you want to turn your career around, achieve a better work-life balance, get more satisfaction from your work, get the job of your dreams, or cross a threshold in your current working environment, all with professional guidance?
Our solution
Career guidance. Together with you, we examine the existing possibilities, give advice and take the necessary decisions to give your career a new boost. Select HR is a certified career centre with experienced coaches who operate with discretion.
Why choose Select HR?
Select HR is a certified career centre. Our coaches listen and know the job market better than anyone else. Through the recruitment and selection connection, they have an overview of job offers that match what you are looking for.

Do you need advice? You are welcome to contact one of our experts.

David DecoucheManager Consultancy & Outplacement