Assessment Center & Development Center

When discovering new talent, you can opt for a deliberate recruitment policy. Adequately map out competences to make the right choice. As soon as the talent is on board, a good growth policy is important. That way, you will map out the competences within your organisation in the most efficient way.

Assessment Center

A well-considered recruitment

  • You want to make the right choice in a recruitment process i.e. you want the person with the right competences in the right place
  • You want to be sure that a candidate not only has the right job-related competences, but also fits into your corporate culture (with its own values and vision)
To make sure you make the right choice, you can use an assessment centre. Even if you are recruiting via Select HR, an assessment can offer you extra security. An assessment is carried out by the experts of Select Consultancy. This team operates completely independently of the Select HR team. So you can be sure of an independent assessment.

Development centre

Developing your employees

  • When growing internally, you want to gain insight into an employee's potential, strengths and development points
  • You want an objective, neutral and reliable evaluation that approaches different candidates in the same way
Here, too, you can count on our experts. Prior to a Development Centre, we draw up a customised competency profile. Which competencies need to be tested? The appropriate tools are selected on that basis. You can always choose from different types of tests: personality and motivation questionnaires, skills tests, STAR-R in-depth interviews, assessment exercises, etc.
Competence profile analysis
Our experts start their AC/DC with a thorough analysis of the position and of your company. In close consultation with you, we draw up the customised competence profile. The competencies to be evaluated are determined and further defined.
A range of tests
Based on the competency profile, suitable tools are selected (personality and motivation questionnaires, skills tests, in-depth interview STAR-R, assessment exercises, etc.). The implementation of the AC/DC in one of our offices is followed by the processing of the data.
Comprehensive report
The results are shared in a comprehensive and well-organised report and are also always verbally fed back to both candidate and company. In addition, there is always a follow-up of the recruited or progressed employee.

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